10 Reasons to Invest in Pampanga: Philipines Next Real Estate Hotspot

Investing in properties is probably one of the wisest things you can do with your money. For one, it’s a safe and controllable investment. Unlike investing in stocks, you won’t feel doubtful and uncertain if your investment will double or decline in the next few months. It’s also a great investment for first-timers as it doesn’t require in-depth knowledge of the industry, making it a safe and hassle-free investment anyone can make.

Another thing to note about investing in real estate is that its value only goes up. Small towns and cities usually improve and thrive over time and property value increases at the same time.

If you invest in the right place you might find the value of your investment to double within a few years. On top of that, you will also be helping the local economy through tax revenue, whether you choose to live on your property or just invest in it.

If you still don’t have a certain place in mind, let us help you!

Pampanga is one of the richest provinces found in Central Luzon. Nestling some of the country’s world-class cities, Pampanga can be one of the best places to settle down with your family, start a new life, or just invest your money!

Still need a little convincing? Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a property in Pampanga.

10 Reasons to Invest in Pampanga

Accessible to Manila

One of the advantages of living in Pampanga is that the province is only a two-hour drive from Metro Manila, home to some of the biggest business districts in the country. There are also loads of transportation options for those who commute from Pampanga to NCR on a daily basis. This proximity to Manila also means that spontaneous trips to other provinces in the North are possible as long as they’re accessible by NLEX and other expressways. (Baguio trip, anyone?)

Pampanga is a business hub as well

There’s no denying that Pampanga’s economy is thriving because of its world-class cities and famous tourist attractions. It could even be argued that the next central business district can be found in Pampanga. This means that there are better job opportunities, better work conditions, and better infrastructures. It gets even better: you might not even have to commute to Manila to report to your work office.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Whether you’re a history nerd or not, you’ll certainly learn how to appreciate the rich culture and history of the province. There are loads of historical places and libraries you can visit when you’re finally living in Pampanga. Their rich cultural heritage also means that the arts are better appreciated in the province, which provides better opportunities for artists of all kinds.

Rich Cuisine

Pampanga is known as the culinary capital of the Philippines and there’s no wonder why–Kapampangans just naturally have the best culinary skills. Foodies will have no problems discovering something new to try, whether it’s a new cafe in town or a Kapampangan dish you’ve never heard before.

Good Transport Network

Commuters won’t have problems traveling outside the province because of the numerous transport terminals found in different parts of Pampanga. Central terminal stations for jeepneys, vans, and buses are also found in most cities and towns, so traveling intertown will be a breeze. For residents who always seem to be out of town, Pampanga has its own international airport, eliminating the need to travel South just to catch their flight at the Manila International Airport.

Quality Education

When a place’s economy flourishes, businesses and educational institutions tend to take a rise as well. Pampanga is home to some great schools and universities like the Holy Angel University, Angeles University Foundation, UP Diliman Extension Programs in Pampanga, and other state universities. There are also secondary schools around the province that offer special programs for sports, science, and the arts.

Tons of Residential Properties to Choose From

Whether you’re looking for a property in Angeles, Santo Tomas, or somewhere near Clark, you will always find a potential home you’d want to invest on! Most of these residential properties are strategically located near schools, commercial areas, churches, and major roads. On top of that, these gated communities usually have facilities and amenities that residents are free to use.

There are loads of rent-to-own houses and condominiums around the province that you should consider! Depending on the location and the features of the housing unit, you can start leasing property for as low as Php 15,000 to Php 20,000 per month.

Real Estate Values Are Low Now.

You might think that properties in Pampanga may be more expensive than in other provinces in North Luzon, but if you think about it, the best time to invest in Pampanga is now. If Pampanga’s economy continues to thrive, which it surely will, in the next decades, property prices will probably spike. So, if you plan on moving or investing in properties in Pampanga, now is the best time to do so!

In summary…

Pampanga is undeniably one of the best places to settle down, raise a family, or start anew. It’s got good culture, great job opportunities and the best food you can find in the country! If you want to invest in something that will surely give you your money’s worth, a property in Pampanga is one of the best decisions you can make now.

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